Nemiroff, a leading global strong spirits manufacturer, produces vodkas and liquors based on its own recipes that enjoy recognition and trust among millions of people all over the world, has been renowned since 1872. By the end of 2012, Nemiroff global sales amounted to 7.2 mln decalitres.

The range of products under the Nemiroff international brand includes over 40 items, the most popular brands being: Nemiroff Ukrainian Honey Pepper, Nemiroff Original, Nemiroff Delikat, Nemiroff Ukrainian Birch Special,  Nemirovskaya Foxberry Leaf, Nemiroff Premium and Nemiroff Lex.

The success of the Nemiroff beverages is based upon unique recipes and natural ingredients, which guarantee the products’ outstanding quality, proven by relevant certificates. Every year, Nemiroff products come out on top in specialised ratings; the company has won dozens of prestigious awards, which indicate the company’s recognition by the professional community and business circles. 

Nemiroff products are bottled and produced at its own factory in Ukraine and at Russian and Belarus production facilities. Nemiroff interests in the Russian Federation and other Customs Union countries are represented by NEMIROFF Vodka Rus.

The company’s aim is continuous brand coverage extension: Nemiroff products are exported to 80 countries. For years, Nemiroff has been one of the three most rapidly growing brands according to the World Millionaires’ Club rating and is the international brand-leader of the Drinks International rating.

The Nemiroff brand is a registered trade mark of Nemiroff Intellectual Property Establishment (NIPE), which is the exclusive intellectual rights owner, including of: Nemiroff patented unique production technologies, its own recipes and alcohol product protection system. The official legal representative, granted a non-exclusive licence by Nemiroff Intellectual Property Establishment in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine is NEMIROFF Vodka Rus OOO. Any products made under the Nemiroff trade mark by other individuals or legal entities are unlawful.


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